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Parallel Lines


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My name is Fernando Degrossi. I am a Brazilian graphic designer, born in São Paulo in 1979. 


I’ve worked in the market since 1999. Since then, I’ve experienced many areas of design, working with illustration, web design, digital marketing, editorials and product design. 


In 2003, I created alongside two friends a multidisciplinary design studio focused on corporate projects. After 10 years, with a thirst for a space that allowed us to explore limitless creativity, I started to create for competitions and after getting global recognition with projects such as Heineken, Peanuts Studios, Wimbledon, Google and Johnnie Walker, I went for a solo challenge. 


The market’s demand led me to open an agency so, in 2017, I created Voadora, a design studio focused on Brand Identity and packaging. 


Always on the move, I live in search of new art experiences. In 2021, I wrote and illustrated a children's book and, in the most recent experience, I got into the NFT market with the project WEIRD CUP. In January 2023, I’ll start my online creativity course that I named “Creative Dimension”.

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