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Weird Cup


The Project

It’s been a while since I got to know and understand what an NFT is. Since then, I’ve been willing to develop a project for this universe that is full of possibilities. However, I needed a theme that represented a hobby, something that was connected to me. 


Soccer is my passion and so is art, so it was only missing the validation of the project’s purpose. 


Later on, Klever invited me to make an NFT World Cup album. 


And so this is it: the challenge has been accepted.  

The Collection

I made 12 stickers for each of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup. Those stickers are related to specific characteristics of each country, therefore, instead of players, we have well humored and somewhat weird illustrations for each sticker. 


I loved making reinterpretations of cliches and going after the elements that really marked countries. All of the stickers have exclusivity levels as frames and “cromated” backgrounds. Some of them are more peculiar, recollecting pop culture icons from each country.   


To make a differentiation point was a challenge and showing those cliches in an unique and irreverent interpretation to make the collector curious about what’s coming was the goal.

You choose how to collect.

To incite that feeling of surprise can generate even more attraction to collectors. Therefore, we also aim to encourage the NFTs trading and the secondary market sales as collectors wish to complete their album with missing stickers from each country. 


In total, adding all variations, we have approximately 1200 stickers and collectors can choose which album they want to complete either with basic stickers or special ones. 

The Artist

My name is Fernando Degrossi. I am a Brazilian graphic designer, born in São Paulo in 1979. 


I’ve worked in the market since 1999. Since then, I’ve experienced many areas of design, working with illustration, web design, digital marketing, editorials and product design. 


In 2003, I created alongside two friends a multidisciplinary design studio focused on corporate projects. After 10 years, with a thirst for a space that allowed us to explore limitless creativity, I started to create for competitions and after getting global recognition with projects such as Heineken, Peanuts Studios, Wimbledon, Google and Johnnie Walker, I went for a solo challenge. 


The market’s demand led me to open an agency so, in 2017, I created Voadora, a design studio focused on Brand Identity and packaging. 


Always on the move, I live in search of new art experiences. In 2021, I wrote and illustrated a children's book and, in the most recent experience, I got into the NFT market with the project WEIRD CUP. In January 2023, I’ll start my online creativity course that I named “Creative Dimension”.

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